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Archived Shows

Views and Brews, creator, curator, executive producer, host

Rebecca McInroy created, curated, and hosted Views and Brews for 9 years with the mission of uniting scientists and jazz musicians, historians and poets, journalists and novelists, and hundreds of other creative, brilliant, and innovative thinkers to engage in conversations across disciplines, dimensions, identities, and communities. 

The archive includes Rebecca’s discussions with the eminent economist James K. Galbraith
about negotiating during the Greek economic crisis; Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg about
dodging a career in boxing for physics; Saudi journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi about his relationship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the freedom of the press; poet and musician Saul Williams about the power of a certain hypnotic color blue; actress Dana Wheeler-Nicholson about photography and self-image; and so many more fascinating and unexpected conversations.

The Secret Ingredient, creator, executive producer, co-host 

Rebecca McInroy collaborated with writer, filmmaker, activist, and academic Raj Patel and food writer, journalist, and farmer Tom Philpott to create a show that featured leading figures in the world of food, history, and politics to explore the human condition through food and resources. 


In each episode of The Secret Ingredient, we chose one lens through which to help us better understand the complex systems of production and distribution, the rich and tumultuous histories of certain ingredients, and the multifaceted and hidden ways that we relate to our world through food. 


Guests include: Michael Pollen discussing mushrooms; the late Sidney Mintz on sweetness and power; Naomi Klein on fire; Frances Moore Lappe on hope; Kimberly Seals Allers on breastmilk; and more.



Stuart Hall: In Conversations, creator, executive producer

Rebecca McInroy collaborated with Ben Carrington, widely regarded as one of the
world’s leading authorities on the sociology of race, politics, and popular culture, to develop a documentary radio and podcast series on the late cultural theorist Stuart Hall. 

Stuart Hall: In Conversations revisits the life and work of the Jamaican-born cultural
theorist, Stuart Hall, a key figure in the foundation of the field of Cultural Studies.
Through interviews, music, and audio archives, this program examines the political and
historical context that shaped Stuart Hall'
s ideas. From the 1950s until his death in
2014, Hall was a world-renowned black public intellectual, known for his role in
establishing the New Left in Britain, his groundbreaking analyses of Thatcherism, and
his dialogical understanding of culture and representation. 

Hall saw politics in a range of human formations, from the mundane and everyday to the
global expansion of free market capitalism. He argued that culture should be
understood both as a site for the reproduction of dominant ideologies as well as a
location for resisting the power and claiming new identities. Stuart Hall's visionary
understandings of neoliberalism and what he called "authoritarian populism" are worth revisiting today in an era of racially charged nationalism, evidenced in the 2016 Brexit
vote in the United Kingdom, Marine Le Pen's rise in popularity in France, and the
election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.



This Is Just To Say, creator, executive producer

Rebecca McInroy collaborated with poet, novelist, and former Poet Laureate of the state
of Texas Carrie Fountain, to create both a radio show and podcast that featured some of
today’s most profound and visionary poets. In captivating, at moments hilarious, and
always revealing conversations This is Just To Say explodes the barrier between the
the idea of poetry and the magic of a poem.

Come favorites are Carrie’s conversations with US Poet Laureate Ada Limon, Naomi
Shihab Nye, and Jericho Brown.



The Write Up, creator, executive producer

What does it mean to be a writer? What is the creative process? How do you publish
your work? What inspires you to write? When did you become a writer? Rebecca
McInroy collaborated with screenwriter, novelist, comedian, and performer Owen
Egerton to create a podcast that would answer these questions, but what they found
was that conversations with writers take you to places you never imagined existed. 

This show is not only mesmerizing but will have you in stitches, as Owen laughs and
sometimes cries during conversations that introduce us to the insecure police officers
encountering restless ghosts romping through northern California with Doug Dorsts’
work, or reveal the ever-present mental editor that drives George Saunders to refine
everything he writes, The Write Up is a masterclass in the creative process.

In Perspective, creator, executive producer, host

In partnership with the Texas Humanities Media Project, Rebecca McInroy created a show to spotlight the importance of the humanities in understanding our world in our time. From shows on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to race in America, each conversation pulls from the humanities to enrich and enliven our understanding of the world around us.



Liner Notes, creator, executive producer

Rebecca McInroy collaborated with Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe to explore the
mystical history of the eternal now through the rich lives and legacies of jazz music and
musicians. Each podcast offers a meditation on the spiritual messages of everything in
the history of jazz from the life of Thelonious Monk, to an album or recording like Kind of
Blue, to the significance of one tune such as Strange Fruit. Each moment, each person,
and each conversation can offer us a new lens through which to better understand our
history as a country and ourselves.

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